I got sucked in...

This is my first official blog post! I know, I know... I joined the blog revolution...something I never thought would happen. But I figure a successful journalist flows with the times, right? Not to mention all the funny, scary, and extremely interesting stuff that happens in my life that just gets wasted because long Facebook status updates are a blasphemy (sorry Mom).

So, I took the plunge and got a blog, took a week to name it (name courtesy of my sister Morgan), took an hour to design it (I'll probably change it in a week) and am now spending 25 minutes of my precious life trying to make this first entry sound half decent. 

And if you are still wondering why the heck I'm doing this (believe me, I am): My solemn oath as a blogger is to provide at least mildly humorous content about life 5 feet from the ground. Because EVERYONE needs a dose of short in their lives.