In honour of Election Day

I am generally not interested in Canadian politics, so this is likely one of the only political posts ever. But, I can't take my privilege to vote for granted. There are thousands of people across the World who have zero voice in their government and so to simply skip voting because I'm too lazy or cause I'm not personally interested is like a slap to those faces who want nothing more than to be heard.

People think 1 vote doesn't make a difference. And maybe in the long run it doesn't. But when you take 5 minutes to vote, you are voicing your opinion, albeit anonymously, but you are still are taking a stand for what you believe in. And if you believe that it is a right to choose and a right to be heard, then you should vote. Maybe your vote will just be numbered along with everyone else's. And maybe your candidate won't even win. And maybe you are just tired of the endless elections that you vow never to vote again.


If you don't vote for yourself, vote for those people who can't. Vote for those people who struggle everyday to be heard. Vote to support an idea that may be imperfect but that gives people a choice.

Vote because you can.

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  1. Well said! Everyone should get out and vote - otherwise, they have no call to complain!