A city girl's respite

My dad frequently says that I lead "a privileged life". And normally I launch into a full-length explanation of how my bajillion school assignments, lack of sleep, and nearly empty bank account would demonstrate otherwise. But for once, I'm inclined to agree with him. Because not only did I get to spend 3 weeks in England, but now I'm relaxing away in beautiful Sicamouse for 2 weeks with Gizette, my best friend. I would say Summer has been good to me.

And with just a week left in this little Canadian paradise, I've been thinking about all the wonderful things that make this, in my opinion, a true vacation.

I don't over-sleep and wake up groggy and grumpy. I wake up with the sun, refreshed and more or less cognitive. And in my own time I can make my way to the kitchen to find a Grandma whipping up breakfast or it all laid out for my choosing.

My little book-worm heart is going insane here as I plough through book after book, at the beach or outside on the covered porch over looking the lake. I never feel rushed or exhausted. If I'm tired, it's that pleasant sleepiness that comes from being so calm. And if the occasional mosquito didn't keep me alert, I'd find it easy to slip off listening to the waves lapping the shore.

Of course, I've been bitten and sunburned to the point of swelling. And sometimes I wish for my car. But if anything, I've realized that even a die-hard city girl like me needs a little time away. A little time for myself, free of the constant rush of work, school, and an attempted social life. A little time to collect my overwhelming thoughts and sort them out. A little time to find peace for my crazy city soul.

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