Science and Religion: Heaven Help Us

Being super religious, science has always been something I approach with caution, never knowing what will come up. And I always try and take everything I here in class and mesh it with what I'm taught in Sunday School. But that doesn't usually work. And it bothers me because the highly logical part of me wants scientific findings to complement my beliefs. But every once and a while I discover something that really makes me wonder if science and faith can really support each other. Today was one of those days.

On top is what's called the Oort cloud. It's basically a giant swirling mass of comets and the Solar System is at the center.
On the right is an atom: a cloud of electrons swirling around the nucleus.

One is the basic unit of matter and the other is our entire Solar System. But I couldn't help but notice that they are basically identical. And so it makes me wonder, whether science does really support my belief of the Universe as being a Divine Creation. I mean what are the chances that these to astronomically different things are so similar by fluke?

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