England: It's a Love-Hate Relationship

A couple of days ago I attempted to update my blog with our latest adventures but alas I froze the computer trying to load photos. And while I hate to leave my post unadorned by images, I'm afraid I've got no choice in the matter. So I decided to change the premise of my post.
Like any country, there are things I love about England as well as some things that I find less than desirable. Here are mine.

The reasons behind my English infatuation.
  1. Family-Obviously I love being able to see my family and spend time with them. Time with loved ones is so precious, especially when you live thousands of miles away.
  2. History- There is so much history here, from quaint litte towns with quaint little doors to the endless rock walls of Jane Austen's days.
  3. Cheese!- I love cheese and the cheese here is amazing. Nothing like that bland orange stuff in Canada. Here it's so glorious and yummy...mmmmm.
  4. Scenery- With its rolling hills dotted with sheep and enchanted looking trees, I feel transported into a new world. I look around and it looks like I've walked into a place from Lord of the Rings (I know it was shot in New Zealand) but England is such a magical place. 
  5. Line-dried clothes-  There is something charming about looking out the window to see your clothes fluttering in the breeze. And they feel so soft and smell so fresh afterwards.
A couple things I could do without.
  •  Driving- I feel like I'm on the Night Bus (from HP) because every 2 seconds you have to swerve out of the way of an uncoming car. Or you have to squeeze through a narrow gap of cars. My plane ride was smoother than our car trips.
  • TV- If you think Canadian TV is lame, well you obviously haven't watched British telly. With a limited selection of stupid or crass shows, it gets painful. Thank goodness for Wimbledon.

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