A British Renovation and Beautiful Beholdings

After weeks of anticipation, I've finally arrived in beautiful England. And to honour the occasion my blog got a British reno!
I'll be updating my blog regularily (for those who care) with all the fun and exciting things I'll be experiencing while in one of my favourite places on Earth. Starting today!
One of the neatest things about travelling to England is crossing the time zone. Now normally this means jet lag and hours of feeling like a zombie, dark under-eye circles and mindless shuffling to and from places. And while this is a less than enjoyable experience crossing a time zone is a sight to behold.
We flew off near mid-afternoon and while we crossed Canada we saw from the window the violently bright sun set in a beauitful orange and pink glow skimming the tops of the clouds. You expect twilight fairly soon, seeing the moon rising to the right of the sun in sort of a strange celestial dance.But the sky never darkened.
The Sun remained hovering just near the top edge of the clouds, colouring their white peaks and keeping the sky lit. As we crossed the ocean and then Greenland, it began to rise again. Blotting out the moon with its light and bathing the sky in that same neon coral glow.
It's a strange sensation to see the sun alive and bright over the span of 2 days. Your body doesn't know how to react while your mind struggles to comprehend this rare event. But all the same, it's an awesome thing to behold.

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