A Bittersweet Goodbye

You know that day you know will happen, but it seems so far away?

Well, it's here. 

17 years ago I met a little red-head. His name was Cameron. And no we aren't getting married even though our older sisters tried to set us up when we were only 3.

But this red-head and me became friends. Probably forced at first since we were the only ones our age at Church. And then because we were in the same kindergarten class. And our sisters were best friends. So it was only natural that we had endless play-dates.

But as we got older, we were friends by choice. We basically did everything together. So much so that our friends always assumed we were A) brother and sister or B) dating.

Now last time I checked me and Cameron looked nothing a like and I don't think "dating" exists when you're in Grade 4...but you get the point.

As we moved into junior high and high school, it became the classic joke that we were destined to get married because we argued like an old married couple but still were inseparable.

Our adventures have been intertwined since we could talk. From being Grade 6 graduation valedictorians to spending 5 weeks in Quebec to doing a little road trip to Utah and back.

And now for the first time, our adventures will go separate ways.

Cameron will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 2 years in Romania.
For 2 years, the only contact I will have with him will be by letter.

Part of me wants to kidnap him and keep him here but another part of me is excited for him. His 2 year adventure across the World will be so much greater than 2 years he could spend here.

My life-long friend won't be here with me, but he will always be near my heart. 

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